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The Offer


The Offer


Government Relations

Corporate Public Affairs

Crisis Management

Astute Advocacy enables businesses, not-for-profits and peak organisations to succeed with government.


You are in business, in industry associations, peak consumer advocates, non-government organisations – whose endeavours and operating environment are impacted by government policy, regulation, blind-spots or blunders. You are those working in and around government keen for professional development. In short, you have problems that need fixing – where government federally may be both the problem and the solution – and you want help.


I believe with astute advice on who/what/when/how, you are the most authentic spokesperson for your cause. The message will be conveyed best by you, as you are at the coal face, with real-life experience of the issues and people it impacts. I can make it easy for you to burst the ‘Canberra bubble’. I am well-placed to advise on strategy and approach, and coach you on effective delivery – while at your side.

More than ever, those who bolster their capacity and plan beyond now will be better placed to succeed into the future. There are many options available before taking to the streets (tempting as it may be). I’m here to help.


Donna Edman, as Astute Advocacy, is offering deep experience in government relations, corporate public affairs and crisis management for stakeholders to advance with government.

Be astute: take your advocacy to the next level.


Astute Advocacy also delivers professional development and training on effective lobbying. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned government relations manager, there is always more to learn. Contact Donna for a training package to suit you or your organisation.

‘The personal is political’.  Elected officials want a better world too. Your issue affects people; politicians are people and they represent their local community – and all politics is local. Generate empathy by making a personal connection between your issue and your political or policy audience. What have you in common? Do you share interest, passions, teams in common? Give them a reason to care about you and your issue.


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Astute Advocacy is listed on the Australian Government Register of Lobbyists.
ABN 60366005776

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