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Point of difference 


I know how hard you work so I won’t waste your precious resources. I am cost-effective because I don’t have corporate trappings for you to feed.


I am not beholden to any political party. 


I know outcome from access.


If you hire me you get me. I am offering to deploy a unique and valuable skill-set cultivated over decades of experiences within commercial, political and bureaucratic worlds. I know what each values, fears - how and when to appeal to them.


I bring an extensive track-record of success working with businesses, industry associations, and peak consumer organisations. I bring creative solutions from experience across sectors in health, aviation, sport, science, indigenous affairs and social policy.


I stand by my reputation as an ethical, trusted, wise advisor, who can be utterly relied upon to work remotely, efficiently and collaboratively  to deliver on agreed undertakings.



Trusted &


Cost Effective

Unique Skill-Set





Why astute advocacy is needed

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You have more competition than you know.


Today's political landscape

There are more pushme-pullyou’s in Parliament House and more regulation than ever. There are thousands of special interests, vested interests, factional interests, lobbyists, and ‘experts’ all treading the halls, grinding axes with 251 Members of Parliament, their offices and bureaucracies. Authenticity – astutely directed – cuts through. The people who depend on you need a solution.


More than ever, the future of Western democracies depends on well-informed, empowered citizenry and businesses who can engage authentically with their elected officials, raise concerns effectively, generate solutions through a genuine contest of ideas and collaborate for a better future in-common.


There are many options available before taking to the streets (tempting though it may be).


I’m here to help.

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